Indoor Positioning System

INDRA IPS solves the problem of positioning indoors.

A Indoor Positioning System (IPS) locates objects inside buildings or any other places, like a cave or undergrounds, where tracking it using a GPS would be difficult, inaccurate or impossible. Another important appliance is to identify the object on different levels or floors.

INDRA IPS focuses localizing people through their mobile phones and provide a way to trigger events based on specific positions. Those positions are simply geo coordinates (latitude and longitude) and events are web services requests, push messages or text messages delivered into the client’s inbox.

The solution is based on Bluetooth BLE devices (for simplicity it will be called as Beacons) and their advertisement mode to determine people’s position indoors.



INDRA IPS is based on two major components:

  • Mobile plugin embedded on any application (alpha version is Android only) distributed as a AAR file (Android library) or Cordova plugin;
  • Web application where events are managed and positioning data can be analyzed (also it provides a REST API).

This still a work in progress. So, all feedback is welcome.

You can raise an issue on our service desk portal, or emailing to, also you can call +55 11 3042 3150 or join the INDRA IPS Support on Skype using this link

At this moment, until the version remains on alpha the service is free of charge and the registration only requires a valid email address.

Quick steps

  1. Create your account on the web application ( and activate your INDRA IPS;
  2. Install the mobile plugin as a dependency on your Android project;
  3. Install some beacons indoors;
  4. Create events on the web application.

Events will start to be delivered as soon as the conditions are satisfied.

To see this solution in a more detailed explanation see IPS post.